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Played by the Earl

Played by the Earl

In the games men play, love is the riskiest roll of the dice…

Ever since John, Earl of Summerset, retired as a spy, his life has suffered from nothing but boredom. He has no plots to uncover, no foes to vanquish…until his brother gambles away the source of the Summerset fortune. Determined to save his earldom, John devises a plot guaranteed to recover his property. All he needs is a proper young miss to assist him…

Netta isn’t averse to a racket or two, not if the job is profitable. She can be any woman the provoking earl desires and she knows every trick in the book. But John is eager to prove that seduction is a game two can play. And the price of her employment might be more than she bargained for.

But when Netta’s past threatens to destroy John’s future, they discover even the best-laid schemes can go awry. As an enemy creeps closer, John and Netta are in danger of losing much more than their hearts. In order to survive, they will need to find one last ace up their sleeves….

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