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RWA16 Log: Day One

I’m registered and have my swag and badge. I dislike wearing badges. It makes me feel like part of a herd, and I hate being part of a large crowd. With 2,000+ women swarming around, it is definitely a crowd.

Only one workshop today, a first-timer's orientation that I sit in for eight minutes. A woman tells me ‘Congratulations, this is your first RWA and you’re a man.’ I stare at her stupidly until she awkwardly moves on and I realize that she said 'you’re a PAN.' (Published Author Network). I then get tired of waiting for the orientation to start (I hate tardiness almost as much as wearing badges) and head out for some drinks along the water.

So far, I’m enjoying San Diego, but haven't done anything writing related. Tomorrow when I have actual work to do, it might be a different story…



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