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Winter is coming...

I'm waiting for the (third!) snow of this October, and there isn't much better to do on a cold and snowy Sunday but to bake and read. And eat what you've baked while you read. :)

My pumpkin bread is baking in the oven as I type, and I'm finally excited to get back to reading (currently a Ruth Cardello romance). I had a weird month where I read almost nothing. I don't usually have reading doldrums, bu this past month has been one. But now that I'm back to my books, I'm happy to note that I'm also back to being excited about what I'm writing next.

My female billionaire book is in its early stages, but it's already made me laugh, always a promising sign. And I'm also starting to plot a series of short stories for my historical series. I'm planning on them being prequels and in-betweens for my next Regency series. I think it's going to be a good end-of-year bit of work.

In honor of just receiving the large print version of THE BAKESHOP AT PUMPKIN AND SPICE (check it out if you like large print!), I am baking some pumpkin bread, with chocolate chips and pecans. Can't wait to taste it!

Update: Results yummy!



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