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Putting Out Old Flames
Who said high school love doesn’t last?
Everyone. Or they should if they had any sense. Jane thought she’d seen the last of her no-good, heart-breaking boyfriend years ago when she went off to college...and he broke up with her with a greeting card. But now he’s back, looking sexier than ever, and as much as she tells herself she’s older and wiser, some feelings never burn out.
Chance McGovern is once bitten, twice shy. Getting over a rocky divorce, all he wants is a stable life for him and his son. Moving them to Pineville, Michigan and taking the assistant fire chief job was the first step to getting back to normal.
And then Jane stomps back into his life, his partner in organizing a charity fireman’s ball. Leaving her was one of his biggest regrets. And from the fire in her eyes, she won’t let him forget his teenaged screw-up.
But nothing is impossible in Pineville, not even second chances. With their small town rooting for them, Jane and Chance are fighting against more than just their hearts. But their relationship crashed and burned before. Is their love worth the risk?

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