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Putting Out Old Flames
Having an old boyfriend move into your town? Bad. Having to work side-by-side with him? It's time to pull out the wine.

Jane Willoughby has had years to get over her highschool love, and the awful way he dumped her. But then Chance McGovern shows up as Pineville, Michigan's new assistant fire chief, and her new co-chair for the fireman's charity ball. Forced to work together, Jane can't help but notice the boy she once loved has grown into one fine man. But bulging muscles and sweet smiles no longer sway her. Not even the cute little boy Chance brings with him can make her forget that this fireman once burned her.


Chance couldn't be happier to run into his old flame - until her smart mouth makes it known she hasn't forgiven, or forgotten, his teenaged screw-up. Coming off a bad marriage to one angry woman, he doesn't want to have to deal with another. But he can't ignore the sparks that still fly between them. Fighting with a woman has never been such fun.


But old hurts linger. And when Jane finds out Chance just might have a hidden agenda, all bets are off. Can Jane and Chance move on from their past, or will their relationship go down in flames?

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