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Shelter Me
Family ties mean everything to Sarah. James can’t wait to cut them. Can these two opposites make a connection that will last?

With a successful veterinary practice and a big, close-knit family up in each other’s business, the last thing Sarah Martineau wants is a new relationship.  Her work, the non-profit she’s launching to save Shelter Bay’s feral cats, and a burgeoning relationship with her biological father keep her busy enough. Dating is the farthest thing from her mind.


Until she meets James. He’s blunt, bossy, and won’t be around long. He gets under her skin faster than a dog sniffs out cheese. He’s wrong for her in every way…but he makes her think maybe she doesn’t want to be right.


James Marshall wants to be anywhere but California’s Lost Coast looking after his sick father. The man wasn’t there for him growing up, and only duty brings James here to help him convalesce. The only thing interesting in Shelter Bay is the sweet little vet, and James is determined to make their time together count.


With three fathers cramping their style, finding time for romance isn’t easy. Add in an eccentric local activist trying to sabotage her cat rescue and an expiration date to their relationship, and this romance might be over before it’s even begun.


But when they get news that changes everything, will tragedy bring Sarah and James together, or drive them farther apart?

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