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The special forces trained him to face any challenge. She’ll test him in ways he never imagined.

Corporal Chris Gunn plays hard, fights harder, and hasn’t met a woman he couldn’t charm. Until her. His life as a Marine Raider would be close to perfect if it wasn’t for the woman who seems tailor-made to provoke him at every turn.

Samantha doesn’t have time for BS. Between her job, her checked-out mother, and the little sister whose antics will turn her prematurely gray, she has zero time for an adult pretender whose ego is only surpassed by his bossiness. And his hotness. Pretending to ignore the Raider while he pushes all her buttons has become her own personal Olympic sport, and she’s determined to take gold.

But when a stalker sets his sights on Samantha, Chris will do everything in his power to protect the only woman who’s ever gotten under his skin. If these two can stop fighting each other, they just might be able to stop a threat bent on revenge. And they might discover that, sometimes, the person you can’t stand ends up being the one you can’t live without.

Meet the men of Alpha Squad. Protective, strong-willed, and tough, they go hard after what they want. And when they set their sights on a woman, they’ll use every weapon in their arsenal to make her theirs. Each book in this series is a fast, steamy read, full of pulse-pounding action and sexy times.

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