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Allison has always been the round peg in her very square family. Instead of becoming a doctor or lawyer like her successful sisters, she’s perfectly happy running her diner in ripped jeans and comfortable sneaks. But she wouldn’t mind a little bit of her siblings’ wedded bliss. And now that she’s catering her best friend’s Christmas wedding, she can’t get marriage off her mind.

So even though she’s never been against a little harmless fun, she makes herself a promise: no more meaningless flings.

Luke needs to lay low to avoid the process servers dogging him. He’s left his three-star Michelin-rated restaurant in Chicago in good hands, and Pineville, Michigan seems as good a place to hide-out as any. Especially with Allison giving him those hot looks she thinks he doesn’t see. He’s wheedled his way into her kitchen…and now is taking aim at her heart.

If there’s one thing Luke is good at, it’s heating things up. But Allison is only looking for forever, and his life is back in Chicago. Will the chemistry between them be strong enough to cook up something special? Or will these holidays give them nothing but the blues?

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