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Connie has finally gotten her life back on track. As a newbie attorney, her first case is against the town’s public enemy number one, building contractor David Carelli. She’s had his number since high school, and wiping that smirk off of his face when she wins her lawsuit won’t just launch her career, but will make her happier than a half-off shoe sale.


David knows he has a reputation in his hometown of Pineville. When he wants something, he goes after it. When an obstacle gets in his way, he knocks it down. He’s had to fight for everything he has in life, and he doesn’t much care if someone gets butthurt over his tactics. But there’s one woman he’s always hoped would have a different opinion of him. The one woman who seems immune to his charm.


Connie is determined to keep their negotiations hostile, but he’s just as stubborn, and he’s ready to turn up the heat. Because now he wants Connie. And David Corelli always gets what he wants…

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