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Wilberforce has been content with his humble station his whole life. Until he met her…

Cerise DuBois is a woman beyond his reach. Independent, audacious, and so damn beautiful it hurts to look at her. She’ll let him in for a few stolen hours, then push him away just as quickly.


But when Wil convinces Cerise to assist him in his latest case for the newly-formed Bond Agency for Discreet Inquiries, desire just might turn deadly. The cheating husband they’d hope to ensnare hides a deadly secret. When his misdeeds threaten Cerise, all bets are off. Wil will do anything to protect the woman he loves.


If they can survive the day, will Cerise ever see Wil as anything more than temporary?


DESIRE IN DISGUISE is a steamy regency romance short story of approximately 9,200 words. Be warned: it just might set your e-reader on fire!

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