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Never in his wildest dreams…

Sinclair, Marquess of Dunkeld, is determined to discover who’s behind the recent unrest in Scotland. But when he’s caught alone with an unmarried woman, a hasty marriage threatens his mission. While his new wife is everything a gentleman spy should want—amiable, practical, and unquestioning—she also proves a heady distraction. Arousing his basest instincts, she provokes a bone-deep need in him, the desire to strip her bare of all sense, to entice her to join in his madness. 

The daughter of a man of science, Winnifred is practiced in the arts of logic … and deception. Her dispassionate exterior hides a dark secret, one she must guard at all costs. Maintaining the façade in her wild and treacherous new home is trial enough, but the storm of emotions Sinclair awakens in her might be the one thing she can’t control.

To catch a traitor in their midst, Sin and Winnifred will need to learn to depend upon each other. A forced marriage doesn’t usually lead to love, however. In this battle of wills, matrimony just might be the deadliest game of all.

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