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The holly is hung, the wassail is simmering ... and trouble lurks just around the corner.

Elizabeth, Duchess of Montague knows she's a fortunate woman. The holidays are approaching, she and her adoring husband, Marcus, are expecting their first child, and her beloved sister will soon arrive for a long-awaited visit. So, when evidence of a plot against the Crown goes missing from her husband's possession, she won't let some bounder ruin her holiday spirit.

Liz is determined to recover the article for her husband. Marcus might insist that he's the spy of the family, but he's not the only one experienced in espionage. If she discovers the blackguard, her interference will be forgiven. Or will it? Her husband doesn't brook misbehavior, but his punishments tend not to be a deterrence ...

Catch up with the couple that started it all in what is shaping up to be a spanking good Christmas.

MASTERED UNDER THE MISTLETOE is part of the Lords of Discipline series. While it is a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the rest of the series. This novella follows the story of Liz and Marcus, first introduced in Disciplined by the Duke.


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