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A blog by any other name...

...probably isn't a blog. And this page has been lacking in blog activity for a while. I tried, but I stink at it, so I'm not going to try anymore. Instead, I'm just going to post whatever random thing I want. Picture, rant, random joke? Who knows? The sky's the limit. Starting with pics and thoughts from my latest road trip. I drove up to Oregon to see the total solar eclipse (awesome, but all my pictures of that event are truly atrocious). But on the way I stopped in Lassen Volcanic National Park. A gem of a small park, and one that had interesting place names. One of which was CHAOS JUMBLES, which is now the new name for this page (and maybe life). Other names include BUMPASS HELL, BROKEOFF MOUNTAIN, the contradictory COLD BOILING LAKE, and CRYSTAL CLIFFS.



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