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A Valentine's Don't

This past weekend I pulled down my spring and Easter decorations, and nestled among all the bunnies was an old postcard that I had used as inspiration to a plot point in my book, PUTTING OUT OLD FLAMES. Apparently it was a thing in Victorian times to send snarky postcards to people, sharing just how much they didn’t love someone. Whoever sent these were the original mean girls.

In PUTTING OUT OLD FLAMES, a teenaged Chance sends his girlfriend a card to break up with her, complete with a sad little poem. And I got the idea from the postcard that I like to display every Valentine’s Day. I might not have a Valentine this year, but I have a good laugh every time I see this card. I’m sure Mr. Clarence Bowlby didn’t find it nearly so amusing when he received it February 14, 1910, but I’m hoping he found some humor in it later in life.

Or at least relief that he didn’t end up with such a, ahem, witch.

Hoping you have a few good laughs this Valentine’s Day!



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