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Chat Bot Insanity!

Ay carumba. I've just finished creating a Facebook messenger chat bot for my Allyson Charles page. And I think my eyes are bleeding. If you don't know what a chat bot is, don't worry, neither did I a couple of weeks ago. But for some reason I still decided I wanted one.... A chat bot is a way to created automated messages to respond to someone when they hit you up on FB (a person can also still just message you). I've subscribed to some good ones that were interesting and fun, and I hope I made mine entertaining, too. I know someone who plans on writing a choose-your-own-adventure romance to put on her chat bot for subscribers to play around with. And if my brain didn't hurt right now just installing my simple bot, I think I'd really like that idea. I might try it in the future, brain cells willing. But if you'd like to play around in my new bot, and give me any feedback, that would be awesome. You can click here to link to it, or go to my Facebook page and hit Send Message, and the bot will come to life!

And just because it felt like I was being strangled with a thousand bot tentacles while creating my chat bot, I'm posting this lovely picture below.



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