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Hello world. Blog post #1.

Blogging. It is a venture I never thought I'd try my hand at. Something about it seems so self-indulgent. All I can think is, 'Who the heck wants to read what I think?' But as a new author, I constantly read and am told blogging is necessary to connect with your readers.

My first novel, Putting Out Old Flames, doesn't release for a month, so I have no readers as yet. But I'm hopeful. Fingers-crossed, I'll reach a couple people who enjoy my stories. So maybe they'll enjoy this blog, as well. And, really, I read other peoples blogs. I'm interested in what they have to say. Why shouldn't the reverse be true?

I hope to blog at least twice a week, with posts about anything that catches my eye on romance, humor, and writing. I might try to throw pics of hot guys in every once in a while, too, because, hey, who doesn't enjoy that? So bear with me while I find my footing, and I promise to try to make this blog as informative and entertaining as possible.

Happy reading! Allyson



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