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The second book in A. Caprice's RH academy series is out today in Amazon KU. Here's what it's about:

How’s a girl supposed to save the world with three hot men eager to distract her?

Prophecies, Explosions… Pie.

My life has ups and downs, but it’s always full of surprises. I sure never expected magic to exist, or that I would be attending a magic academy.

Or that the fate of the world might rest on my shoulders.

I was just me, Delaney Jones, a waitress and amateur fighter from Detroit. Now I’m a newbie witch, just barely scraping by in my classes, and, oh yeah, fighting off attempts on my life from people who think I’m some Chosen One. Good thing the cafeteria is stocked with all the comfort food I need.

And I need a lot. Most of the students hate me. The council that runs the academy might be dirty. And it’s putting it nicely to say my witchy powers are a tad bit erratic.

But I’m up to the challenge.

Especially with two hot men and one scorching demon by my side. And if I thought this new world was confusing, I have no idea what to think about the heat flaring between the four of us. I mean, any one of these guys would be every girl’s dream. But all three…

The fight of my life is steamrolling straight at me, and unless we sort our sh*t out and work together, some of us might not make it out of the battle alive…



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