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My Current WIP - Why'd It Have to be You?

I’m at the point in my manuscript where if I were a surgeon, I imagine I’d be elbows deep in someone’s chest cavity, blood streaking my gloved hands. Too graphic an image for you? Well, sometimes I feel like being a writer, even a romance writer, can get a little gory.

I’m working on the third book in my Pineville series, and have become good friends with my protagonists, David and Connie (You’ll be introduced to them in book two, The Christmas Tree). The premise has been set, we’ve been introduced to all the characters, and everyone is starting to make a muddle of their lives. It will take a lot more than a stitch or two to close this mess up.

I’m also at the point where my rough outline is about to run out. I’m a natural pantser, but try each book to become a plotter. The result is an outline that takes me about half way through the book. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

This is my first book where the hero starts out as, let’s just say, something less than heroic. (Spoiler alert: he was the nemesis in The Christmas Tree). I’m really enjoying redeeming this bad boy, and hope readers will forgive his past misdeeds and fall in love with him the way I have. If I could just figure out what he’s going to do next…


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