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Of brogues, burrs, and accents

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and this is the first time I’ve participated in it. I’m frantically getting words down on my fourth Lords of Discipline novel, MARKED BY THE MARQUESS. I hope to have preorders set up soon. Once I get the first draft done, I’ll start dropping excerpts here.

This book has taught me the importance of researching before plotting. Finding out that it will take my hero and heroine at least ten days to travel from London to his home in Scotland instead of the three I was for some reason assuming, has thrown my timeline into a kink. And I don’t even know if the average man was still wearing a kilt in Scotland in the early nineteenth century. Costume adjustments will need to be made in editing. And don't even get me started on writing the Scottish accent.😊 [Update: Apparently they only wore kilts at formal events and at the Highland Games. I am now envisioning a scene of my hero sweaty and bare chested, chucking a large log as those highlanders were wont to do. Such a scene wouldn’t fit into my book at all, but I want it all the same.}

In Allyson Charles news, I just turned in a novella to my editor which will be published in an anthology with Donna Kauffman and Kate Angell next year. Its going to be an interconnected series of Halloween novellas, and writing about that holiday made me supremely happy.

I’ve also just received edits back on FOREVER WILD, the third and last in my dog rescue series. I’m going to miss my men of Pineville, Michigan. Here’s a sneak-peak:

See you back here in a couple of weeks! Have a great Thanksgiving to all my American readers. And to my non-American ones, you should still have a night filled with cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and pie. You all deserve it.



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