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RWA16 Log: Day Three (and my feet are tired)

I'd heard many people say that you need to dress professionally for this event. Well, my definition of professional apparently differs from everyone else's. Not that anyone looks bad, but pretty darn casual on the business casual end of the spectrum. My beautiful three-inch heels, I'm pleased to say, have done me well. My feet are tired, but not sore.

I had a mixed bag at the workshops today. On the whole, they seem light on specifics. In an hour-long workshop, it's hard to get too detailed, but they are so general as to border on useless. But others have been interesting, most particularly the one on author branding. Sadly, after listening to the panelists, I think my website needs an overhaul, and it's not even 6 months old.

By far the best part of RWA for me is the meet-and-greet. Met my agent face-to-face for the first time today, and had a lovely sit-down with an editor at the bar by the pool. Yes, more drinking. And this one tasted even better since I didn't pay for it.



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