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RWA16 Log: Day Two (sort of)

Just started this blog and already a day late with my RWA thoughts. Hopefully, that's not the beginning of a trend. The second day of RWA was more useful than the first. It had to be; I pretty just drank day one. But I didn't manage to get to all the workshops I wanted to - one was too packed and the other I missed due to networking.

Or, I should probably say, attempted networking. That's a skill I'm pretty pathetic at. I think more drinking would make it easier. Yes, we should be able to attend the workshops, cocktails in hand. The enjoyability factor of the already fun RWA would triple. (Crud - I just realized I left half a bottle of pineapple cider, delish by the way, open yesterday on my balcony. Drinking foul.)

So yesterday was workshops, lunches, and publisher cocktail parties. Then I topped the night off at a bar (don't judge) talking with a former ball player and current coach, and watching as my sister got schooled in baseball knowledge. Good Day.



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