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Single Girl Ingenuity

Writing romance novels is all about getting your characters to their Happily Ever After with their other half. Finding that special someone to hold your hand, build you up when you’re feeling down, kill the spiders in the bathtub, get that pesky zipper that last inch up your back… What? So my desire for a mate oftentimes takes on a more practical bent. I enjoy being single, but sometimes having a partner would have a definite utility.

Take my poor, sunburned back. I came home from a weekend in the mountains with red, itchy skin in a spot that I can’t reach with lotion. It is times like these when I really feel the pain (literally) of living alone. But, if necessity is the mother of invention, than being single is the sister of ingenuity. Since my arms just don’t bend far enough to apply aloe to the middle of my back, I devised a substitute delivery device – lotioning up an empty bottle of Pellegrino and then rolling it across my burn. Not a very elegant solution, but effective. And while I’d prefer having one of my hunky romance heroes rubbing lotion into my back, I’m still pretty darn proud of my work-around.

Now if only I could think of something to get rid of spiders for me…



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