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The New Year Chronicles

Ah, January. The start of the new year when everyone is hopeful and fresh and full of optimism. Or not. How can it only be two weeks into the new year and I'm already behind on my yearly schedule? Perhaps it was because I got absolutely nothing done in December. Sigh.

But I am back to work and closing in on the final words on MARKED BY THE MARQUESS. I'm still shooting for a March 15th launch, and hope to have preorders up by Valentine's Day.

On the Allyson Charles side of business, I'm through with edits on my last two projects with Kensington Publishing. I've seen some drafts of my cover art for FOREVER WILD and will share as soon as I can. I'm now debating which new series to start (I have ideas for so many different ones). Last year I wrote some words for a potential series set on the Lost Coast of California featuring a family I've already come to love, so that might be the direction I go. The town it would loosely take place in is a fictional version of Mendocino, California, which, if anyone of you has been there, will know is beautiful as all get out. But does Lost Coast Love sound depressing, or like the charming small-town romance I hope it will be? Hmm. Too many decisions.

But at least the ideas are rolling. I hope I never get to the point where I can't think of anything else I want to write. But what about the marvelous readers? What are some tropes you all love to read?



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