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Whoo Hoo! Another one bites the dust.

Five minutes ago I hit send on my latest manuscript. Book number 3 in the Pineville series, WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE YOU?, is now in the hands of my publishers and I don't want to see it again for a long, long time. I like it, in fact I think the hero, David, is my favorite so far, but my eyes are bleeding from going over it again and again and again...

Anyhoo, my little celebration consists of pomegranate sparkling wine and chocolate-covered almonds. (Don't judge, all you oenophiles. The fruity stuff is delicious.) I'd like to relax for a couple of days, not think about my next book, but it feels like my next deadline is already looming. I really like the working out of my pajamas aspect of being a writer, but I guess this is the flipside. Always another deadline. Which, I guess is what we all have to deal with with normal jobs. So I'm going to drink my fruity champagne, stop whining, and enjoy the feeling of another project done.



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