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Writing Update

I've heard many authors talk about writing shorter books to increase their output. The 'Zon algorithm likes it when we release frequently. And while I still like, and will keep writing, more traditional length novels, I thought I'd write some shorter ones between the full-length novels, too.

It's fairly satisfying completing a novel in a month or so compared to what it usually takes me. And it's also nice to have a quick read on offer when people only have a couple of hours to read and want a full story.

Right now, I'm working on a shifter romance for my A. Caprice pen name, but for other short novels I'm considering a Harvey Girl romance series for Alyson Chase. I'd been wanting to write an HG series for a while, but it never fit into my schedule. But if I make them short....

And speaking of Harvey Girls, I highly recommend the Judy Garland movie, The Harvey Girls. Great songs, and it features Angela Lansbury as a hooker who, ultimately, has a heart of gold. Classic.



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