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Writing Update 7.11.21

I don't know about everyone else, but this summer isn't quite going how I wanted it to. I always think my summers will be spent sipping margaritas on my patio as I read the latest hot book.

In reality, I've spent the last month digging up grass and hauling gravel in order to xeriscape parts of my yard. Twelve and a half TONS of gravel. And I still have to order a bit more to finish up.

But, regardless of my aching back and lack of margarita sipping, my writing is on a roll. I just finished the first of what will be a steamy shifters series for my A. Caprice pen name, and will pivot to starting my next Lost Coast Love romance as Allyson Charles on Monday. And I have the best idea for a meet-cute for this book. I hope I can pull it off.

(This is one delivery of six and a quarter tons of gravel. It doesn't look like that much, but when you are wheelbarrowing it to your backyard, you quickly realize just how much rock it is. )

A pile of six and a quarter tons of gravel on my driveway.



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