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What do you like to do on a rainy day?

As only someone who has lived through a multi-year drought can appreciate, the sound of rain splashing against my windows is a joy to behold. Yes, it is raining in California. Hopefully these early storms are indicators of a very wet winter to come. Great for our water tables, but maybe not so great for my writing. Because on a stormy afternoon, who wants to work? I’d much rather be snuggled on my couch with a cup of cocoa and a book. Or knitting a scarf. Better yet, finishing up my one attempt at a quilt.

Years ago, I started sewing a quilt using scraps from my old jeans. What’s better for a rainy day activity that making something that will keep you cozy? When it’s sunny and warm, those quilt scraps stay in their box in my closet. And, since we haven’t had that many rainy days the past few years, my quilt is still in the sewing-together-squares-stage. Yes, I’m going to blame the drought for my less than stellar finishing power. But with storm systems off the coast, maybe an end to my quilt is in sight. Then again, maybe not. I have two books due to editors on January 1st. Not the most brilliant of scheduling tactics on my part, I know. So while I’d really like to curl up with my quilt, or a book, I’ll have to focus on my deadlines instead. And hope that the rain lasts past the new year.

Here’s what my quilt looks like so far. I think it will look great, if I ever get it done…


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